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Augusta University AAID MaxiCourse®

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Augusta, GA 30912
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The Augusta University AAID Maxi Course is a nationally acclaimed program, geared to providing the dental practitioner with all of the clinical skills and didactic, evidenced based knowledge needed to integrate dental implants into his or her active dental practice. When compared to similar courses, the Augusta University nine-month continuum course is extremely unique because of its “hands-on”, live patient experience. Based at the state-of-the-art facilities at the Dental College of Georgia in Augusta, the program offers participants the opportunity to take patients through the entire implant/restorative experience. Participants are guided through initial workup, to surgical placement, to second staging and impressions, to placement of final restorations. The resources of the AEGD and GPR residency programs allow each participant the opportunity to place 3 to 5 implants on live patients. Clinical and preclinical sessions are intertwined in the schedule with a comprehensive program of lectures and presentations on all aspects of implant dentistry. These include, but are not limited to enhancement of implant sites using graft material augmented by inherent growth factors harvested and concentrated from the patients’ blood (i.e. PRF, IPRF, and APRF) and hands-on pre-clinical and clinical experiences with osseodensification osteotomy drilling systems. Participants will also have preclinical sessions on suturing techniques, head and neck anatomy with dissections, as well as integrated CBCT/CADCAM diagnostic, surgical, and restorative solutions. Under the unparalleled direction of Dr. Doug Clepper and Dr. Mike Pruett, the course is supported by the faculty and residents at Augusta University, part-time faculty members as well as an ever-changing list of internationally acclaimed lecturers. Our program offers the participant an extensive experience in implant dentistry in a state-of-the-art facility, experienced clinicians, with a very low participant to mentor ratio. We pride ourselves in offering the absolute best learning experience with Southern charm and hospitality.

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  • Douglas Clepper, DMD, FAAID, DABOI/ID


  • Michael Pruett, DMD

    Assistant Director

  • Shari Hayes

    Continuing Education Coordinator

  • Cathy Mason-Smith

    Continuing Education Coordinator